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Web Hosting Services

A procedure of permitting the business or a person to make their site open by means of the internet. A worldwide acknowledgment of the sites being in the space or the servers claimed by web hosting companies.

Web hosting service in India comprehends the developing interest and ease of use in the business all around the globe. These organizations supply space on the servers or give rent to the use of the customers, and in addition the server farm space and web availability. The web hosting services fluctuates incredibly, with the sort of records, their operations and after that transferred with insignificant preparing time with FTP (File Transfer Protocols) and ISP (Internet Service Providers).

Our Features :
  • Fully equipped cPanel on both(Windows & Linux).
  • 99.9% up time a dedicated network infrastructure.
  • Trusted services with the best quality and efficient team.
  • A dynamic system to manage all your booking sources from a single platform
  • Web hosting service with minimal cost and maintenance
  • Backed up with secure & effective network infrastructure enables.
  • Affordable web hosting plans adaptable from the small scale industry to the large scale giants.

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  • Address: New Delhi, India
  • Phone: +91-9810180180
  • Email: info@hotelwizzy.com
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